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Technical and production details
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Set up times and associated staffing/technical constraints

Setup and Assistance:

The performance event requires one technician to mount and tune the dual projectors and screens and another technician who is in charge of the house sound system. It takes 2.5 – 3  hours for wiring up all sensors and testing laptops (sound-image-network) - this can be done while another act is on stage. Setup is always faster if the house technicians are professionals.

Our anticipated schedule follows:
Performance setup (Audio setup/projection setup/AV technicians): 2.5 hours
Performance rehearsal (AV technicians onsite): 4 hours available before performance
Performance event (AV technicians onsite): 1 hour

Health and Safety:
Elements of your work that are potentially dangerous or may cause problems with indoor health and safety guidelines


Any site specific health and safety issues regarding outdoor installations, events and workshops