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Event proposal details:

Physical space requirements

ArthropodaChordataConiferophyta Performance Event:

Physical space requirements

- A stage configuration diagram (top view) is available HERE.

Theatre or Performing Space – the venue can vary in size and application. A medium or large hall with projection and basic theatrical lighting capability is ideal. A black box theatre, standard proscenium stage or exhibition gallery at least 15 x 12 meters or larger will also work. ArthropodaChordataConiferophyta is a dramatic, performed, interactive cinematic work that plays well in large concert venues.

Projection Screen(s) - 2 large projection backdrop approximately 144" wide and 83" high is a minimum size. It is also possible to project on large, clean white walls under less than optimum circumstances. The bottom of the screen should be approximately 1.5 meters off the stage floor. It is possible to perform on screens that are either larger or smaller than what is specified here but the ideal is to have very large projections.
Technical requirements (AV, web, power needs, lighting requirements)

Projectors (Beamers) - 2 NTSC capableXGA grade, LCD or DLP video projectors matched to distance of required throw (ideal minimum 4000+ ANSI Lumens) – The projectors must be mounted overhead or raised to a suitable height to allow the beam to pass over the head of the performer who stands 3 – 4 meters in front of the large screens and moves to center and sides on stage. The beamers must be able to project an identical matched image (same luminance, contrast, color balance, etc.). The video input requires HDMI cables that are run to the performance laptop on stage thru a Matrox dual head breakout.


Technical requirements (AV, web, power needs, lighting requirements)

Tech Rider/Equipment Details for:

Summary of Equipment Provided by Venue
- 8 channel (minimum) analog sound mixing board setup and XLR cables
- dual channel minimum, self powered speakers, i.e. Mackie SRM450v2 Active Speaker
- accompanying subwoofer

- 2 - 4000 lumen digital projectors/beamer (16:9 capable)
- 2 front projection screens –each approximately 3.65 M. x 2.1M. minimum, 16:9 ratio
- low spot stage lighting (x 3)
- 3M. X 1M ft. table plus 2 stage chairs
- 2 power strips, extension cords
- 2 led back lit, light tables on articulating stands ( to 1.25m or 4 ft), 1- 1 m x .65 m ( 3” X 24”) , 1- .65m x .65m (24” X 24”)

Event proposal details:
Sound – minimum needs require a Stereo Sound System matched to room size with house mixer that can accept 4 line level inputs (2 stereo feeds). Ideally a 8 Channel audio mixer should be available and minimally - 2 - 400+ watt, powered speakers, subwoofer and amplifier.

Video – HDMI cables (2 long runs from floor laptops to projectors)

Electricity – USA (most of our power is dual 110/220 however we do run several 110 devices. 250 watt converter is required in Europe.

Additional – The performer stands and moves to front and side of stage while performing. This requires 1 small table or stands approximately 1 meter high (should be able to hold 2 laptops, 3 small mixers, a midi controller, several sensors and sundry cables) that will be reset between performance segments.

Additionally the performer interacts with two led light tables in front of the projection screens with photographic/graphic print and graphite circuitry overlays. Each of these tables articulates to face the audience.

The size of each table are 1- 36” X 24” and 1- 24” x 24” . The host venue also supplies additional VGA, XLR Mic Cable and AC power cables as needed to reach mixer, 2-projectors and the one performance station. Ideally two long HDMI cables that can reach from the stage to the main pair of projectors.

General technical summary
The preferred performance venue would be a cinema theater setting with screen real estate for two LCD projectors. I would also need adequate sound system for small concert level sound. An extended performance specification can be found with online support materials. 

The artist is responsible for providing all of his own performance gear. Ideally, the performance location would provide the following equipment on-site for the artists:
1) XGA Grade 5000 lumens digital LCD projector (2)
2) single projection screens (approx 200” diagonal, 16:9 ratio)
3) 12 Channel audio mixer
4) 400+ watt, powered speakers and amplifier
5) tables/surfaces for setup of performance equipment
6) associated power, cabling and connections for above.

Approximate audience numbers

Video documentation to be made available for the sponsoring venue.