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Bioticastudio · Colwellia psychrerythraea 34H LCFA transport protein sonification

C. psychrerythraea 34H (2019) is a work of “protein music” that seeks to sonically explore the creative and scientific portrayal of the extremes of life in the earth’s polar and deep oceans. The sonic work is a transcoding (from amino acid sequence notation to sound) of the Arctic genomic/proteomic sequence of the protein matrix that facilitates the survival and protection of the extremophile microbial culture -  Colwellia psychrerythraea 34H. This protective protein matrix facilitates the organism’s growth well below freezing in sea ice and to the deepest depth and pressures of the ocean (at more than 10000 meters) – the limits of survival of life in the far extremes of the biosphere and the common biotic link between life at the poles and the deep ocean of our planet. The work is a creative testimonial and expression of the endurance and importance of the connection among the Arctic and Antarctic lifeforms to the expanse of the biosphere – from the frozen parts of earth to the extremes of life in the most inaccessible corners to man – from life’s deep sea and polar origins that endure beyond humankind’s terrestrial existence and obsessions.  

The art-science processes of the research and resulting work have undertaken extreme polar scientific and oceanographic expeditions for sampling the extremes of life. The extremophile microbial culture is then sequenced and relayed to the artists of the project for digital transcoding to sound for collaborative and shared listening of the genome/proteome. The intent of these art-science processes is to expand the spectrum of sensoria for interpreting and expressing the extreme survival of lifeforms at the poles and deepest oceans – and for the study as analogs for possible habitats on a younger Earth and exoplanets across the universe.
The soniDOME (Sonification of Deep Ocean Microbial Ecologies) Project is an art-science collaboration investigating the sonic display of ecoinformatic data forms to creatively and scientifically expand the interpretation, expression and awareness of the criticality of deep ocean environments beyond visualizations to interactive 3D soundscapes.

Recent project venues for this work:

FILE (Festival Internacional de Linguagem Eletrônica) HIPERSÔNICA 2019, SESI Paulista, São Paulo, Brazil