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HYLAEA : Melanoplus from biotica on Vimeo.

Hylaea:Melanoplus (2015/2019) is a video loop paging through the historical and scientific records of the great locust swarms of the American West from the late 19th century. The audio elements are composed of scientific names chanted in Latin of long extinct species of the region (birds and insects) whose images appear as vignettes through cycles of male and female voice exchange in an aria of lost ecological memory. The image and voice-cycles extend into a sound bed of DNA and protein music transcoded from genomic data and biochemical flight characterizations of the extinct Rocky Mountain Locust (Melanoplus spretus). 

The full sequence serves as a prologue to the destinies of the human hand in ecological catastrophes past. When the cycle is complete the page turning and historical texts are reversed, now becoming an epilogue that foregrounds migratory insect extinctions to come.

Recent project venues for this work:
Live cinema performance, as part of HYLAEA ReSpoken, October 31, 2019, CCRMA Stage, Stanford Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, Stanford, CA
WEALR (World Electro-acoustic Listening Room), 12th CSUF New Music Festival, Fullerton, CA