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microMacroCosm from biotica on Vimeo.

microMacroCosm (2006) is a work of live cinema which explores the potential of the biological narrative within the space of the cosmological imagination. The performative project is a collaboration between new media artists, Trace Reddell and Timothy Weaver whose sources span the data scales of the submolecular to the cellular and the earthly to the celestial.

This dual channel projected media dialogue draws a relationship across the biomolecular microcosm to the interstellar macrocosm, measuring the farthest, supposed limits of the human Imaginary.

The resulting work immerses the performing artists and audience in a sensory experience that co-evolves the domains of speculative astrobiology. Here, a technopoetics of light and sound merges with the hypnotic capabilities of new media to generate visions of our bionavigational origins and the recognition of our arrival at the unknown.

The exchanges and encounters between Reddell’s and Weaver’s live cinema channels premiered at the University of Amsterdam’s Universiteitstheater as microMacroCosm in June of 2006. This successfully realized performance established an initial point of departure for the iterative and subsequent experience of the work.

The intent of the project remains to further the means of contemporary biocosmic interpretation, and visualization through an extended cultural dialogue and timeline regarding the continuum of the biological narrative and the cosmological imagination.

Recent project venues for this work:
“microMacroCosm”, (collaboration w/ Trace Reddell), Universiteitstheater, Amsterdam, Netherlands