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The sonic work, OPSIN (2006) is an assembled electronic audio translation derived from the time sensitive sun compass of the migratory North American Monarch Butterfly - Danaus plexippus. During the 4200 km. migration of the butterfly between Canada and the wintering grounds of the Sierra of Central Mexico, the organism relies on cryptochromic proteins to sense direction and time for the continuation of the species. These locative proteins deliver a navigational message in relation to color wavelength and time cycle for translation into flight orientation, convergence for mating and survival. 

OPSIN has taken the molecular characterization (as proteomic and genomic bioinformatics) of this navigation system and translated the biochemical sequence of the Monarch Butterfly locative proteins into an equivalent polyphonic layered audio mix.  The individual layers of the composition are made up of sound equivalents of blue - , ultraviolet- and long-wavelength opsin proteins from the vision system of Danaus plexippus. The resulting work bends the sensibilities of the Danaus species across multiple data scales to re-mediate the essential ties that all organisms have to journey, vulnerability and survival.

This audio base of OPSIN has been extracted from of a larger investigatory work of live cinema micro/Macro/Cosm (2006). The expanded project has been developed as a collaboration between Timothy Weaver and Dr. Trace Reddell,  as a multimedia dialogue that might explore information patterns that span cellular, neurological, global and stellar registers.  This live cinema dialogue hopes to provide an intersection for the diverse data streams that continually, largely invisibly, inform our existence. The sound work OPSIN is continuous with this intent.

This sonic investigation has also been utilized as the expanded audio platform for the live cinema work Biological Narrative #7: Danaus (2008). This iterative live cinema work has employed this audio base as a point of departure for its' performative and speculative data generation for sonic and visual exploration of the project content.

Recent project venues for this work:
"Remote Orienteering", CNTL_ALT_DEL 2007-2008, Center for Advanced Music Studies (MIAM), Istanbul, Turkey
FILE (Festival Internacional de Linguagem Eletrônica) HIPERSÔNICA RIO 2007, Museu de Arte Moderna, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
FILE (Festival Internacional de Linguagem Eletrônica) HIPERSÔNICA 2006, SESI Paulista, São Paulo, Brazil
ArtTechMedia 07, 1st Internacional Congress ArtTechMedia, Ministry of Culture, Madrid, Spain