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I create saturated narratives and responsive environments as a means of personally recalling events and phenomena that are subject to collective cultural, historical and spiritual amnesia. To these ends, I present layers of our societal belief systems. In particular, I present those layers that rationalize the human dilemma of admitting to our vulnerability. Through a suspension of time, sense and space, my intent in this activity is to allow participants to recall, reimagine and regenerate what we may have already committed and perhaps lost to memory.

On this path of creative inquiry, my investigations have fostered a dialogue for sociocultural and environmental consciousness while attempting to advance the permeability between art, science and technology. From a merger of artistic and scientific sensibilities, I have explored a diverse spectrum of projects whose common thread has been to investigate the fragility and persistence of lifeforms at the common interfaces of vulnerability. These projects have employed experimental new media, scientific methods, site responsive synergies and unique multidisciplinary fusions as functional tools for the remediation and emergence of the aesthetic qualities critical to the continuation of our personal, societal and natural environments.

The manifestation of this conceptual pursuit builds upon an evolving process that is initiated through the sighting of contextual relevance as it relates to my intent to seed a dialectic via the poetic admixtures of emerging aesthetics, experimental media technologies and spatial narrativity. The initiation of my own consciousness and vulnerability flows into a perpetual cycle of inspiration and realization through the mediation of material/immaterial installations, network ecologies, interactive multimedia, data bending, transcoded visualizations/sonifications and speculative cinematic visions. The conceptual and aesthetic emergence of these investigations radiate from a backbone of historical consciousness, material scavenging, global wandering, technical exercise and reimagining the physical space of venue.

For more than twenty years, my project investigations have intersected with a diverse range of cultural/ecological contexts and their associated global dialectics. These include the environmental and biocultural changes across the biodiversity hotspots of the Western Hemisphere; normalization of life for Ixil Mayan refugees returning to their post-genocidal homelands; the diffusion between the clinical and familial at the National Institutes of Health Research Center; and the propagation, evolution and remediation of ecological memory by way of the digital/electronic media domain.

At these junctures I have employed diverse vehicles for dialogue exchange around the perceptions of vulnerability. The outreach of these timely projects has added further elevation of consciousness through community-based lectures/workshops, artist-scientist exchanges, online disseminations, and a shared pedagogical base of a sustainable creative praxis. 

It is through this evolution of narrative, speculative and locative processes that I continue to triangulate a collective consciousness of vulnerability that might, in some part, be sustained via the multisensory engagement of my creative endeavors.