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service philosophy

In fulfilling my service obligations to my institution and colleagues, I remain fully committed to self-governance and reaching beyond the lines of disciplines as a means of sustaining and escalating the academic experience. With my abilities to cross over between the liberal arts and scientific/engineering practice, I continue to be involved in multidivisional dialogues and routinely yield both outsider and insider perspectives in my committee service. I am committed to this approach as part of a desire to foster new thinking and experimental creative hybrids that may result in the rooting of new centers of excellence in the realm of higher education at DU.

As a personal ­­­benefit of this service commitment, I have particular regard for the dedication of my fellow colleagues who are great thinkers and scholars and are also fully dedicated to self-governance of the University institution and infrastructure.  Many of these colleagues have become role models for the attainment of a life of scholarly investigation in balance with commitment to University service as a means of sustaining excellence in an institution of higher learning and advanced study. Such interpersonal networks sustain the collegial success of service and give credence to the continued rewarding ground of the academic and scholarly environment.