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The voice interactive installation Speaking to Hylaea (2018) is the first realized prototype from projectECAT. The work is a call and response piece that places a participant’s voice in an ecoacoustic soundscape. In the work, viewers are challenged with a visual landscape and a quote from the Golden Bough to recite into a microphone. Headphones are provided for playback and listening.  The voiced quote is processed and sent back via the headphones in the resonant space of the Amazon rainforest, a BC ancient forest, a BC clearcut, a virgin Coastal Redwood grove and/or a New Mexico thunderstorm.

Field research for the work was conducted from 2016-17, through the National Academies (of Science, Engineering and Medicine) Keck Futures Initiative (NAKFI) projectECAT (EcoAcoustic Toolkit) - a collaborative art-science investigation to advance the creative and scientific literacy of ecoacoustics. This project was fieldwork intensive and has taken me to far ranging remote field sites in the Western Hemisphere to spatially characterize the endangered and at-risk soundscapes of the Amazon Rainforest, the Peruvian Cloud Forests, the Cordillera Blanca of the Andes, the California Redwoods and the Ancient Primary Forests of British Columbia, Canada.

The hope is that audience engagement with such immersive experience may re-mediate the patterns of lost ecological memory as a means of facilitating a discourse into the fragility and elusiveness of life in a time of cascading extinctions.

Recent project venues for this work:
Speaking to HYLAEA, FieldWorks, Myhren Gallery, Denver, CO