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EDPX-2300, EDP Systems Winter Quarter 2015
Clark/Peden/Van Camp

"S.T.E.V.E (Super Trippy Existential Visual Experience)"

EDPX-3350/4350, Sustainable Design Spring Quarter 2015
collaborative EDP sustainablity website
EDPX class cohort/collaborators
EDPX 3350 various projects + blog
EDPX-3701/4701, EDP Topics, Making: Biomedia Spring Quarter 2015
Skyler Anselmo
Alex Cano McConnell
Connor Cilley
Chales Elmer
Zoe Kendall
Gus Kitchell
Surya Pasupuleti
Haley VanCamp

"Talking to Hearts:Sensing w HRM"
"Rhodopsin Simulation"
"Transcoding Zenk Protein Amino Acids to MIDI"

"Muscledriven Hexbot"
"Visual CheckUp"

EDPX-5100, EDP Graduate Critique Winter Quarter 2015
Andre Bythe
Jenny Filipettii
Brandon Gellis
Ross Mansfield
Sarah Richter
Jinnie Templin

"Pooh Sticks"
"Breath Vessels"
"hear + now"
"Electroacoustic Soundring"
"Temporal.Inside Within"

EDPX-5700, Research & Theoretical Methods Fall Quarter 2014
Philip Bain
Andre Bythe
Christine deCarteret
Sanaz Fatemi
Jenny Filipetti
Brandon Gellis
Jinnie Templin
Petra Vannucci-Henkel

"Seeking Alternative Models of Connectivity"
"VIdeogame Vignettes"
"Expressive Simulation of Social Complexity"
"Rewrite: An Experimentation in the Field of Interactive Fiction"
"Cart/ology: Toward a Network Sensibility"
"The Interplayof Identity Politics and Biopolitics: Biomimetic Creative Practices"
"Click Here to Play"
"Science Fiction Cyborgs: A Bioethical Issue in the Human Evolutionary Chain"

MFA/MA Students  

Jenny Filipetti
Brandon Gellis
Zoe Kendall
Ross Mansfield
Cory Metcalf