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Sustaining creative thought and practice continues to be my primary impetus for teaching, scholarly research and service. Creativity is essential to the adaptation of the human imagination for continuing a quality life for present and future generations. It is important that we have a conscious regard for the vulnerabilities and the underlying contexts that support the sustenance of creative theory, philosophy and practice in the face of current and future biological, psychological, social and cultural challenges. Sustenance of these contexts is crucial to the persistent embodiment of imagination as it becomes enchained to learning, knowledge and culture creation for a tangible future.

In tandem with this regard for sustainable creativity is my role as an educator, artist and member of a University community in the complexity of aesthetic, technical and culturally critical convergences. We are at a juncture in these convergences in which the pursuit of forms of expression and the means of idea-fostering, exchange and dissemination are of heightened importance.

My engagement in the interwoven life cycles of creative work, scholarly endeavor, pedagogy and professional service is fed by a knowledge network that generates the idea ecologies of the future. Despite their acceleration, these idea ecologies are fragile ones; but I believe they can be brought into balance, recognition and sustainability through the cross-linking of passion for teaching, the propagation of creative vision and cooperative service in DU’s community dedicated to the pursuit of excellence.  

My passion for teaching, mentoring and pedagogy continues to be rooted in a desire to foster the future of creative thought, expression and experience. This practice is bordered by a permeable space for the observation and activation of the imaginations of arriving generations of artists and creative practitioners. My role in my students’ idea explorations is adaptive in nature, as I assist in building positive intent and amplifying a trajectory for the co-development of sustainable conceptualization and emergent practice.  

As a mentor and educator, my primary responsibility is to underwrite the artistic survival for my students’ future endeavors. In meeting my mentoring responsibilities, I establish an educational environment with my students that lays out a collaborative, open-ended spectrum in the theoretical and applied language of new and emergent media. Underlying this spectrum is a diverse range of historical and experimental materials, techniques, and approaches to aesthetic solutions, proficiency of execution and professionalism in their work. As an internationally recognized new media artist I stand in testimonial to the risks and rewards of the imagination. My past professional experience as a software/new media developer, sculptor, art director and a research scientist in biotechnology brings further expertise to the possibilities for experimentation with creative solution and application.

As groundwork for artistic survival, I ask that my students become proficient researchers and communicators in the arenas critical to their creative endeavors and the ongoing media literacy in their domain. This includes research into evolving funding, networking, venue development and professional project proposal and presentation skills as well as a continuing dialogue with professional new media artists, designers and developers. By reaching forward through theoretical vision and backward through an awareness of history, I enable my students to expand their breadth of experimental expression from a firm knowledge of sustainable creativity and learning.

In building a long-term communicative relationship with my students I share an awareness of social context, personal and collective identity and the wide-open potential that a creative life holds for discovery of and contribution to the world.  In this exchange, I model a global network for exploration, residence and sustenance for an innovative future. 

Because of my background as both an artist and scientist, I am in the unique position of being able to develop and mediate project investigations aimed at the cross-fertilization of thought between artistic and scientific disciplines for the development of new media-based and emerging art forms. This background has put me in the position to bridge ideas and opportunities that draw from diverse perspectives and disciplines in and beyond the university. My scholarly and pedagogical contributions to DU are drawn from these multidisciplinary and international perspectives, and they aim for creative evolutions and the emergence of new forms of expression.